Naked Lane at Crosby Manor

The photos are beginning to flood in on Instagram of how you lovely lot have been styling your latest Naked Lane pieces. Seeing the collection in the homes of our followers is such a great way for us to see what styles you’re into, what aesthetics you choose for your homes, but they are also a great source of interior inspiration for others.

Our founder, Charlotte Crosby, has been providing us with some truly amazing Naked Lane inspo over lockdown as she’s been renovating the legendary Crosby Manor. The revamp has followed a very contemporary aesthetic as rooms are filled with tones of warm nudes, crisp white, and modern black.

Dotted throughout Crosby Manor we see some familiar pieces. From our Seagrass Basket Sets to our decorated Pearl Mosaic Tray. It’s also hard to miss the astonishing artwork created by Danni Simpson around the magnificent staircase. With a range of Naked Lane products throughout, we’re taking you on a guided tour of one of the North East’s most well-known humble abodes.


Charlotte has used these baskets throughout her home, from the bougie bar to her luxurious bedroom. This chic basket set is ideal for storage, decoration, or as seen at Crosby Manor, a beautiful holder for indoor potted plants. Indoor plants have been proven to improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and improve your mood. Therefore, an important accessory to have in your homes, why not make them dress the part too! The woven seagrass gives the rooms a fresh, natural, contemporary feel and helps tie up any visual rough edges.With five different sized baskets included, you can place them together in groups of two or three, or spread them throughout your home for different purposes, from storing clutter to simple decoration.


A beautiful feature piece to dress an empty-looking space, or as an area to display accessories or store jewellery, the Naked Lane Decorative Mosaic Tray oozes luxury and style.Charlotte has dressed her pearl Tray with matching candles, an inspirational book, as well as a rose quartz stone which represents universal love and radiates self-love. These trays can be filled with decorative items that mean the most to you and placed on table-tops or shelves to embellish empty spaces. We especially love the idea of using them to catch any wax from your candles when lit.


As seen before, these are perfect examples of how to fill an empty space. Charlotte has paired together our beautiful Memory Book with the slick Black Egg Timer.You guys have absolutely loved our new Memory Books which we launched last month. With us finally saying goodbye to 2020, this is the perfect time to start saving some new memories. By placing the Memory Book on display, it becomes a wonderful conversation starter with guests and a lovely way to reminisce! We have seen a rise in coffee table books all over the internet, especially in the homes of the Kardashians, and this book will blend in perfectly with your existing stack of literature. The Black Egg timer, which is also available in a beautiful gold metal, is another trendy piece to decorate a room. Plus, it’s a great accessory to have around when cooking or if games night is getting rather intense.


By now we have all seen the stunning work which Danni Simpson painted throughout the winding staircase of Crosby Manor. Using soft flowing lines
thatworked with the natural curve of the wall, the delicate brushstrokes form soft feminine figures with dashes of nude tones.

Although Danni may not be able to come to all of our homes, Naked Lane now has a very special limited-edition collection of Giclee Prints featuring the bespoke artwork. They come in two variant designs, Face Design and Body Design. They are available individually, and as a set of two. Plus, youcan choose from either A2 or A3. From £45, they are a really beautiful wayof bringing this season’s neutral tones into your home, whilst bringing an element of artistry and class.

When styling these prints in your own home, use Crosby Manor as inspiration by decorating the rest of the room with neutral tones and splashes of black.

So, there you have it! For more behind the scenes insight into Crosby Manor follow the official Instagram page (@thecrosbymanor)