We were incredibly thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with artist Danni Simpson. After creating the stunning masterpiece which ascends the walls of Charlotte Crosby’s staircase, Danni received an incredible response across social media, of course sparking talks of a Naked Lane collaboration.

Charlotte wanted to be able to share a piece of her interior décor with her beloved fans, therefore the Naked Lane Giclee prints were born.

But first of all, a little bit about Danni. Based in the UK, she is an Australian artist who specialises in murals and illustration. She has a natural passion and talent for art which has allowed her to paint her way across the globe. From featuring at the 2018 Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast in Australia, to working her way throughout Europe designing murals for cafes, bars and restaurants, Danni’s work is a beautiful expression of her love for new cultures and seeing the world. She has also worked alongside top high street labels creating their digital illustrations and designs, leading to many different collaborations with well-known brands such as Jameson, Powers Whiskey and Jetts Fitness. 

Her style is an urban fusion of detailed floral illustrations where wildlife clashes with architecture and typography, sprinkled through with dashes of art deco and mandala patterns. 

When it came to the design at Crosby Manor, Charlotte and Danni shared ideas on how to transform the space. The process itself took weeks of refining the design and preparing the mural stencil, which was entirely hand cut. Looking at the plans for Charlotte's renovations, they wanted to make sure they kept to the same warm-neutral colour palette. Using soft flowing lines that worked with the natural curve of the wall, the delicate brushstrokes formed soft feminine figures with dashes of nude tones. The results were exquisite.

The bespoke mural had elements designed especially for the height of the wall, so for the Naked Lane collaboration Danni refined the design to ensure the delicate face and body were on separate prints, but still holding resemblance to the original mural.


The new Naked Lane limited-edition prints come in two variant designs, Face Design and Body Design. They are available individually, and as a set of two. Plus, you can choose from either A2 (420mm x 594mm) or A3 (297mm x 420mm). From £45, they are a really beautiful way of bringing this season’s neutral tones into your home, whilst bringing an element of artistry and class.

It's not until you hold the print in your own hands that you see the true texture and quality behind the piece. Unlike digital prints, these are archival grade printed by Danni on a giclee printer. This ensures perfect colours, uniquely textured pieces and a quality of print that will last a lifetime.

Danni will soon continue to travel the world, leaving her mark wherever she goes, and hoping to ignite a creative spark in everyone who sees her art. Be sure to tag @nakedlane and @dannisimpsonart to share how you styled these very special limited-edition prints.

A special thank you to Danni Simpson and Karl Fenton.