Seasonless Prints by Naked Lane

Our signature Prints have been key elements of the Naked Lane collections since our launch in 2019.

The delicate line drawings have consistently caught the eyes of customers since they arrived. Their simple yet intricate designs create more than just an image, but feelings of emotion and personality.

By featuring artwork in our living spaces, houses turn into homes, as traces of our character are proudly framed on the wall. Art is a powerful form of expression, not only for the artists who create it, but also for those who own it. Our very own beliefs, feelings, hopes and creativity are expressed in visually and redeeming ways which is a beautiful way to decorate our homes.

The Naked Lane collection of line drawings, statements and Giclee Prints, were all designed to warm up the ambience of a room, whilst creating a sophisticated touch. Their neutral tones of black and white mean they will suit the aesthetic and colour theme of any room, meaning they will easily transition as you decorate from one trend to the next.

Available in A3 and A2, you can mix and match specific designs to suit the nature of your room, from creating his and hers sides of the bed by placing our Back and Body Prints above your bed, to the kitchen styled statements putting a smile on your face as you cook.

Visit our Prints page to view the whole collection.