Naked Lane

Honeycomb Shelves


Natural wood hexagon-shaped shelves.

These stunning, wall mountable shelves are an on-trend and efficient way to furnish and decorate any room. The sturdy frames are a stylish storage solution that can be arranged and spaced in a limitless number of ways. Mounted alone, ‘floating’ or grouped geometrically, our hexagon shelves are ideal for showcasing pictures, plants or ornaments, as well as storing books or household items. The creative possibilities are endless, and these shelves will create a statement feature in every home.


Width: 13.5 inches
Height: 11.75 inches 
Depth: 3.75 inches 

Price is per shelf.

Buy 2 or more Honeycomb Shelves and receive 1 half price when using the code ‘HONEYCOMB’.

Classed as 'Large Item' for delivery purposes.

Due to these products being made from natural wood, there may be slight differences in wood grain, shape or colour from what you see.

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