The Story of Reclaimed & Reloved

Reclaimed & Reloved launched just under two weeks ago now, and we are thrilled to see how much you are all loving it! Your positive comments and stunning snaps truly mean so much, knowing that you are enjoying the new range of products. The 4-piece capsule collection was brought together by Naked Lane founder, Charlotte Crosby, who worked to bring something entirely new to the brand. 

The aim of the range was to bring a rustic edge to Naked Lane, but always with an element of stylishness and sophistication. That is why Reclaimed & Reloved is made up entirely of natural wood pieces, each entirely unique and individual. The story behind the selected woods, from variations in grain and colour due to treatment and age, to reclaimed pieces from old wine barrels that are beautifully stained from the red wine they once held, adds to their beauty and was a huge part of the thought process behind bringing the collection together. A heavy focus on sustainability means that the collection aimed to limit excess waste, relove materials and manufacture products in a safe and fair environment.

It was also incredibly important to Charlotte that she worked with local craftspeople. Given the current climate, Reclaimed & Reloved was the perfect opportunity to do business and collaborate with UK manufactures, and so Charlotte did just that. Supporting local should be everyone's priority right now, and at Naked Lane we believe that now more than ever, everyone should lend a hand when they can. Therefore, every piece is made locally, and has been handcrafted, with an emphasis on bespoke design and superb quality - making pieces that look beautiful and last forever. 

Working with UK manufacturers also meant that Charlotte was able to play an integral role in the design process, working alongside craftspeople to select styles, colours and materials. For example our Wooden Serving Trays were an idea of Charlotte's, as she loved the rustic and reclaimed look of having spoons for handles. This also means that the collection is a really personal one for Charlotte, having worked so hard to bring it together, and then of course having a fantastic series of photoshoots over in Ibiza.

The story behind the collection is a truly beautiful one, as is the story behind each individual piece, when you look at the journey of materials and people involved in their creation. We are so thrilled to bring Reclaimed & Reloved to you, and cannot wait to launch more wonderful collections in the near future.