Flamingos Are Back!

An old favourite is back; our Decorative Pink Flamingo, and we thought we’d offer a bit of styling inspo to help you get the most out of this gorgeous little interior piece that is oh-so-versatile. We’ve collated a collection of our favourite customer pictures, which each show a totally unique way to use and accessorise it!

Although evenings are getting colder, we’re still making the most of moments in the sun. Our Decorative Pink Flamingo looks perfect perched on a drinks tray (or even better, our black Gin Trolley). Use the glass container to hold mini umbrellas, olives for your martinis or wedges of lemon and cucumber to decorate your glass. Even better if you can match your bouquet to our pink friend!

An alternative use, if you’re still keen to feature the piece in your garden, is to place it on a patio corner and add your favourite tealight, making a beautiful feature to hold a candle and create some ambience outside. We’d recommend not leaving your flamingo overnight or out in the rain, knowing what the wonderful British weather can be like, but using it as a temporary garden accessory is a must!

And of course, the Decorative Pink Flamingo will look fabulous inside too! Position on a coffee table, sideboard, or even your bedside table to bring a little bit of something tropical to the room, and style accordingly.

We absolutely love seeing customer pictures, and so we just couldn’t resist sharing these on our blog! Seeing how you style our products really inspires us, so we love to share any tips or ideas you may have. Keep tagging us in your gorgeous home posts, and your photo could appear here too!