Caring For Your Candles…

We’re all in need of a little extra loving right now, a bit of time and care for ourselves can make a huge difference, and our candles are no exception! A candle needs to be cared for to make sure it looks and smells its best, so you can enjoy it to its fullest. 

As part of the new Naked Lane collection, we are relaunching our incredibly popular 4-piece Candle Kits in black and also in a gorgeous gold. Not only are these kits perfect for taking care of your candles, but they add a glimmer of elegance and style to any sideboard or coffee table, making the care kit both decorative and practical.

It’s so important that you maintain your candles regularly, to prevent wick damage and soot or wax build-up in the wrong place, and to increase your candle’s burning time. Have a read of these simple steps you can take to make sure your candles stay in perfect condition, and to make the most of your beautiful Naked Lane Candle Kit.

Display Tray

The beautiful sleek display tray holds the only three tools you need to maintain your entire candle collection. 

Candle Snuffer

Our Candle Snuffer is the easy way to (and oh-so-stylishly) extinguish a candle’s flame. 

Wick Trimmer

It’s also super important that you look after your candle’s wick, which should be trimmed after every 4 hours of burn time, and our Wick Trimmer is perfect for just that! Make sure you wait until your candle is at room temperature, and trim the top of the wick by a couple of millimetres. To do this, place the trimmer on the candle surface, and then tip it upwards so that the “elbow” is resting on the candle and the trimmer is at a 45-degree angle, ensuring you get the perfect length. Long or crooked wicks can cause high flames, smoking or sooting, so don’t forget to give your wick a bit of TLC.

Wick Dipper

Using the angled end of the wick dipper, you can dip the tip of the wick into the melted pool of wax to extinguish the flame. Not only does this put your flame out without smoke or soot, but it also coats your wick in wax which will add burn time to your candle! Just be sure to stand it back upright afterwards.

Be sure to get your hands on one of our Candle Care Kits… longer lasting candles, sideboard decor AND feeling like a movie star as you snuff out the flame, do you need any more convincing?

And do tag us in your pics, we love to see how you all style our pieces!