A bit about Naked Lane…

So you’re obsessed with the collection, and your kitchen, laundry room and every other room are filled with our gorgeous products, but how much do you know about where Naked Lane began? Well its a beautiful story, and for everyone involved it’s been so exciting watching Naked Lane grow and build such a special collection and community. So we thought we would tell you a little bit about behind-the-scenes, the inspiration behind the online boutique and Charlotte Crosby’s passion project!

Naked Lane was Charlotte Crosby’s second big business venture of 2019 after launching the chic womenswear fashion brand, Pepper Girls Club. After many years of success from reality TV shows, best-selling books, fitness DVDs and numerous collaborations with various fashion companies, Charlotte decided to take a step into the entrepreneurial world. She did this for a few reasons; to have greater control over her creative outlets, but also as a project for her to enjoy alongside her family! Running Naked Lane is a collaborative project, with Naked Lane HQ based in a gorgeous refurbished summer house in the Crosby garden as the centre for stock storage, packaging and customer service.

Launching Naked Lane was a real passion project for Charlotte, as both she and her mum Letitia became obsessed with interior design whilst they decorated her home. The pair developed an eye for elegant interior decor that really made a statement, and seeing a gap in the market for reasonably-priced, luxury items, decided to launch Naked Lane. After developing a strong brand and beautiful website, Charlotte was then able to hand-pick and source a collection of products. From tech gadgets to candles and chic monochrome prints, Charlotte curated a perfect first collection that really shouted about the Naked Lane niche and that would offer customers a beautiful selection of products.

Alongside an emphasis on style and quality, Charlotte is keen to ensure the brand’s sustainability, and places an emphasis on its goal to be eco-friendly. From one of the best-selling products, the gold metal straws, to recyclable packaging and supporting small businesses for sourcing products like the Naked Linen candle, Charlotte works incredibly hard to ensure that Naked Lane achieves the best for its customers and the environment.

It’s so great being part of the Naked Lane team, and we’re all so excited to see its journey continue and of course share the new collection with you. We’d like to say a massive thank you to our amazing customers for all the support, and remind you to share your interior pics with us!